About Us


Is positioned to offer innovative design  manufacturing solutions that help reduce pollution and costs. We, at ECOART SOLUTIONS collaborate with environmentalists to protect the planet in any ethical and efficient way. That’s why we came up with the idea to create a line of art tools for a successful experience. Reusable products which will help Artists contribute save your pocket. We are artists, but above all, we are people who  care about the earth and its eco-system, that’s why we developed tools to avoid using disposable plastic measuring containers, plastic cups and stirring sticks.  We created the perfect solution thoughtfully, designed to work flawlessly and feel great in your hand. Made with the finest materials created by the earth and meticulously manufactured, every ECOART SOLUTIONS tool will provide a lifetime of use.


From our arts and crafts tools factory to your studio, ECOART SOLUTIONS manufactures products with the Eco-Artist in mind. Every day, Artists and Crafters around the world reach for ECOART SOLUTIONS tools to create beautiful art with ease and efficiency. We at ECOART SOLUTIONS use groundbreaking technology to perfect our products and inspire their users. Our dedicated sales and customer service team are committed to providing you with an outstanding experience by helping you get the most out of your ECOART SOLUTIONS product.